Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a clean, white smile! At Amrâth Hotel & Thermen Born-Sittard you can brighten the color of your teeth with just two treatments.

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Teeth Whitening

At Amrâth Hotel & Thermen Born-Sittard you can also have your teeth whitened. Do you want radiant white teeth?

There is nothing more beautiful and appealing than clean, white teeth. By means of two treatments we can highlight the color of your teeth:

  • Effectively removes stubborn tooth discolorations
  • We use bleaching gel without peroxide
  • Fully approved by the European Union
  • No side effects, also for sensitive teeth

Our gel contains sodium fluoride. This strengthens the tooth enamel, so that stains do not stand a chance.

  • First treatment: 60 minutes € 79, -
  • Follow-up treatment: 30 minutes € 49, -