Treat yourself to one of the many massages at the Wellness Centre of Amrâth Hotel & Thermen Born-Sittard. Give your body and mind a moment of rest and relaxation. For example, choose the Cocktail Massage where different massage techniques are combined. A Classic Massage is characterized by slow, gentle strokes that relax your muscles. Do you suffer from stress? Then enjoy the Oriental Head-Neck-Shoulder Massage, with extra care for cramped muscles. To release tension, the Aromatherapy Massage suits your needs, while you inhale the aromatic essence of the oils.

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Wellness massage

Just forget everything and completely unwind with a soothing wellness massage. This massage is characterized by slow, gentle caresses and stretching with the aim of a pleasant relaxation. With the massage therapists of our spa complex you are certainly in good hands when it comes to a relaxation massage.

  • 25 minutes: € 39.-
  • 35 minutes: € 45.-
  • 55 minutes: € 65.-
  • 75 minutes: € 85,-

Indian scalp massage

Who does not know it in times of stress: stuck shoulders, a neck that blocks and pressure on the head. With this massage you will feel very relaxed afterwards.

  • 25 minutes: € 39.-  
  • 35 minutes: € 49.-

Swedish massage

A stimulating and draining massage for stuck muscles. This massage helps to keep the body in shape.

  • 25 minutes: € 44.-
  • 35 minutes: € 54.-
  • 55 minutes: € 74.-


Balinese massage

Experience a soothing massage in combination with different massage handles, which bring your body to a total state of relaxation.

  • 35 minutes: € 49.-
  • 55 minutes: € 69.-
  • 75 minutes: €89.-

Aroma therapy massage

Dream away and let your thoughts run free with this relaxing massage. You will be massaged with magnificently-scented aromatic oils of your choice. The amazingly fragrance-scented oils have a beneficial effect on body & mind and provide the skin with nourishing substances.

  • 25 minutes: € 39.-
  • 35 minutes: € 49.-
  • 55 minutes: € 69.- 

Hotstone massage

Experience the warmth of volcanic stones in combination with massage grips. During this massage your body is brought to a total state of relaxation. This massage is performed with black basalt stones formed from hot volcanic lava, after which they have been lying in riverbeds for centuries.

  • 35 minutes € 49.-
  • 55 minutes € 69.-

Ayurveda massage

When you suffer from chronic pain, stress, back pain, headache, poor circulation or insomnia, an Ayurvedic massage is an ideal option. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian form of healing that will soothe, revive and rejuvenate you. Enjoy a nice relaxation and a balanced balance between body and mind.

  • 35 minutes: € 49.-
  • 55 minutes: € 69.-

Foot massage

A foot massage is not only relaxing for your feet but for the whole body. This treatment is very suitable to combine with a pedicure.

  • 20 minutes: € 25.- 

Hand massage

You use your hands all day, but they are often forgotten during a treatment! A hand massage is relaxing for your hands and a nice way to reduce any pain. A hand massage is not only nice for your hands, but can contribute to an overall relaxation of the body.

  • 20 minutes: € 25.-