Thermal baths

Discover the various pools of our thermal baths. Relax in our steam room or special herbal bath. The wearing of swimwear and other clothing is not permitted in the wellness facilities.

Swimming pool

Enjoy swimming from the inside to the outside with beautiful calming images of nature being projected onto the wall. Enjoy a beautiful starlit sky on clear evenings with underwater music in the background.

Temperature: 31 °C

Cold plunge pool

Once you step out of the sauna or steam room, go outside and fill your lungs with fresh air. This should be done at 30 °C as well as at -30 °C. After this rinse-off in as cold a shower as possible; starting first with your feet and then slowly working your way towards your upper-body and head.  The cold plunge pool can be used after this.

Temperature: 16 °C | Suggested usage: 2 minutes

Warm plunge pool

After using the cold plunge pool, step into the warm plunge pool.  This is inspired by the teachings of Dr. Kniepp.

Temperature: 36 °C | Suggested usage: 2 minutes

Foot bath

In preparation for the sauna or steam room it is advisable to use the foot bath. The foot bath will open the pores to prepare for the sauna or steam room. It is also advisable to use the foot bath at the end of a sauna, after a cold-rinse or dipping.

Temperature: 39 °C | Suggested usage: 5 to 10 minutes


Enjoy relaxation to-the-extreme in the whirlpool hot-tub by allowing warm water swirling currents and jets to soothe your mind, muscles and joints. After using the Whirlpool, take a cold shower  and cool down your head.

Temperature: 36 °C | Suggested usage: 5 minutes

Steam bath

Enjoying a steam bath is also very good for your health. Steam stimulates blood circulation and promotes the removal of dead skin cells. Steam has a moisturizing effect and increases the internal body temperature. A steam bath increases the pulse of 60/80 beats per minute in rest, to 110/140 beats per minute.

Temperature: 47 °C | Suggested usage: 12 to 15 minutes

Herbal bath

Allow the subtle but enticing aromas and healing powers of our warm herbal bath help you to relax.

Temperature: 36 °C | Suggested usage: 5 to 10 minutes