Our choice of four saunas and steam rooms at Amrâth Hotel & Thermen Born provide the ultimate opportunity to relax in Born!

We highly recommend that you make a reservation before your visit by phoning +31464851666 or email.

Finnish Löyly sauna

The Finnish sauna is already 2000 years old, but is still visited very often. You know the Finnish sauna as the traditional sauna. The temperature in the Finnish sauna is between 60 and 95 degrees. The sauna is heated by natural stones that are electrically heated.

Temperature: 95 °C | Type of wood: Red Cedar

Salt Crystal sauna

Experience the purifying effect of salt crystals from the Himalayas in Pakistan. The natural rocksalt crystals are from more than 250 million years ago. By heating the salt crystals and a cascade, minerals are released and ionize the air. The evaporation and its humidity create these specific purifying and cleansing vapours. Salt crystals help reduce skin problems

Temperature: 80 °C | Type of wood: Red Cedar

Bio Herbal sauna

Sauna with herbs and which focuses on light therapy. Based on the notion that different colors affect our mental and even our physical condition - blue is used to relax, calm and sooth; green brings us to rest and inspires; yellow creates a positive attitude and general well-being; and red promotes activity, vitality and passion. Look forward to an inspiring evening view from this sauna.

Temperature: 70 °C | Type of wood: Hemlock

Infrared cabin

Infrared light has a huge depth. The use of the infrared cabin has a positive effect on the fight against muscular pains and rheumatic diseases. It is recommended that you rinse off with lukewarm water after using the infrared sauna.

Temperature: 50 °C | Type of wood: Red Cedar